Monday, August 20, 2007

End of part two, and three!!!

I couldn't put the book down this weekend, so I finished it! I am already planning on getting the second one asap. So I thought I would put this thread in, when you guys finish we can all comment.

Here is something cool, and totally random!
Fuzzi Bunz at Nurtured Family


padfoot said...

Thats cool! I really like the book too. I'm a little farther now but I'm going to read alot today and tomorrow. I agree that the casting of a blonde Mrs. coulter is weird, but I like nicole kidman. I can't wait to see the movie. Watch out for the Gobblers for all your kids!

Giggle Worm said...

So, I'm finished.
I like it, but the last chapter got a little weird for me with the whole Adam and Eve and re-writing the bible to include daemons.
I like the, 'from dust was thou madest, and to dust shalt thou return.' I liked how the author spun that. I'm sad that Roger died, at first I didn't really get that he was dead. And her father is a jerk, I hope both parents get it in the end.

Giggle Worm said...

I'm going to start on the second one, just because I want to see how it all plays out.
Let's chat it up!


Emily said...

Giggle Worm,
I agree with your comment on the Adam and Eve part. Nick and I had just gone to the temple the day before and it was just almost comical to me to hear that play out in the book. I kept thinking of "the philosophies of men mingled with scripture". By the way is it bad to say that Michael Ballam is my favorite character in that whole thing? Maybe I will be cursed for thinking it. :)

Giggle Worm said...

I don't think you will be cursed.... Hold on, let me ask Remis.

Remis says no cursing shall befall thy head for thy thesbian tastes.