Friday, August 24, 2007

The Subtle Knife

For those of us that have begun book two, here is a place to blog about it. Therefore, do not read the posts on this thread unless you are into book two or want to spoil the great mysteries that remain! (I'm teasing, the mysteries aren't really that great, but you will spoil it for on read on bookwormies!)


padfoot said...

Wait!!!! What is happening??? I JUST finished the first book and I LOVE Iorek!!! I want a giant bear! I can't wait for the other books! But I'm confused about this whole proceess. Could we just try to read more together and talk about it? it seems like we're all done now except for Kelsey. So let's start talking.. ;)

Slimmy said...

I haven't started the second book yet becaue I know that I won't want to stop reading. I think that we shoud chat it up too. I think that dust is lust.. What do you think of that? It all happened so fast, and I read so quickly that I was a little confused. How did roger die? Was he seperatede form his daemon? Or what? Are Lyra's mom and dad in it together? What? We need to have a conference call.

padfoot said...

I agree, with all our hectic lives this was suppose to get us together!!! We decided to read all of book two by the 15th. Then we'll discuss and continue together, by the chapter to book three. I am only on chapter 5 of book two and Giggleworm is on 2 or three so hurry and catch up. :)

I have more books instore for after. If anyone has any other options that's cool too.